Bike Coalition of Philadelphia: Keep MLK Drive Open 
Collaborative Map Illustration by Colin McCarthy and Sara Gingras
Since the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Martin Luther King Jr. Drive has been shut down, giving bikers and pedestrians a safe place to get outside and exercise. The Bike Coalition of Philadelphia has been a major advocate of making this temporary shutdown a permanent car-free zone. To promote the benefits of MLK Drive, the Bike Coalition reached out to my design class at Tyler School of Art to create an illustrated map that would highlight its beauty.
I worked with Sara Gingras over a number of weeks sketching out a map of the trail and deciding on what landmarks to include. This process ended up being a bigger challenge than we anticipated, as fitting this irregular landmass into a concise rectangle poster required some tricks in perspective. I created the basic outline and color palette before handing it off to Sara who brought the map to life with all the details. 

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